Kim Minor talks to us about Linkedin!


2003-Linkedin starts with 10 members that essential is a business-oriented social networking service.Reid recruits a team of old colleagues from SocialNet and PayPal to work on a new idea!

2004-LinkedIn introduces new features like Groups and partners with American Express to promote its offerings to small business owners.reaches 100,000 members!

2005-LinkedIn introduces its first business lines: Jobs and Subscriptions. The company also moves into its fourth office in three years. 1,580,588 member!!

2006-LinkedIn begins to stake its claim as the professional profile of record.

2007-reaches 8 million members! Reid steps aside to run product and brings in Dan Nye to lead the company. LinkedIn moves to Stierlin Court and opens the Customer Service center in Omaha.

2008-Goes Global! opening its first international office in London and launching Spanish and French language versions of the site. 18,217,647 members!

2009-Jeff Weiner joins LinkedIn first as President, then CEO, the format begins to change as well

2010-Company shifts into to hyper-growth! By the end of the year, LinkedIn has 90 million members and nearly 1,000 employees in 10 offices around the world. Starts to look more like Facebook.

2011-becomes a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange

2012-Project Inversion and a completely re-architected site enabled an unprecedented pace of product innovation and transformation

2013-By the end of our first decade, the company has reached 225 million members, and is growing at more than two members per second!

Loved that it will match you with jobs and you can add widgets that can inserted into your profile pages!

HEADLINE: Keep it PROFESSIONAL! keep it clean and straight to the point!

SUMMARY:Don’t use 3rd person it comes off as pretentious!

I liked this presentation it is the new way for professionals to connect really good way to look at history is on that is constantly changing!