Google is the perfect search engine because it understands what you want and delivers!

The Ten Core Beliefs:

1. Focus on users

2. best to do one thing  really well, fast is better than slow

3. Democracy on the web works

4. you don’t need to be at you desk to be the professional/ the answer


Corporate Culture: Google has diverse employees who share a common goal and visions for the company! The strive to maintain a close connection/relationship with all their google employees.

Google+: is the 2nd largest networking site within google community

Circles: key if you want tot share within the google community

Hangouts:is an instant messaging and video chat platform

Best uses: Circles and hangouts, google pages, business pages, set u[ to interact with consumers!home

Problems: not a huge amount of like ability and it forces people to join!

overall really helpful presi! this next link recommended users allows you to add who like in your circle, I like it because it has everything in a nice neat category , it has podcasts, bloggers, and many more!