Multi_Screen_ViewThis presentation was really good and informational, Daniel, Frank, Carol, Kellen did an awesome job! I learned some new things. I learned a little about the history it was founded in 2006 in San Francisco California who’s CEO is Dick Costolo. I have a Twitter account and I didn’t really know all the things you could do like like a Tweet or favor it, you can retweet but trying not to do it too often. And just generally not bombard your followers with constant nonsense.

I really liked what Frank said about “for every self serving tweet you should retweet a relevant one as well.” I think that’s really true, because too often you see people or businesses just tweet for their own profit and rarely tweet or retweet something relevant. I learned about engagement that is really quite simple because it calls for interaction with other users on the medium.  There are ways for increasing the engagement, and what I think is the most effective is if you’re just creative with what you tweet and tweet as often as possible but again, be relevant and creative.

I thought it was funny when Frank talked about some of the consequences of using a million #Hashtags on your post. That can get old really fast because it’s a sure way to get un-followed. But there have been some success stories that have come from using #Hastags like when fans/customers of Dairy Queen tagged them #LoveMyDq after consuming from the chair fast food restaurant. It was brilliant because the fast food chain got exposure and was constantly in the media.

Finally Kellen made a terrific point about keeping your username as something clean and professional like a middle name or last name. Trying to avoid something like @juicylips69 is not professional and probably won’t open any doors for you in the right direction. It can be hard but it’s important to realize that everything can be linked back to you so keeping your social media outlets professional and not necessarily posting everything is the best way to go!

I loved this group it was very informational and interesting. This video that I’m attaching is really helpful I hope you find it the same