I really enjoyed last weeks trip to Georgia Public Broadcasting! GPB is a state network of PBS member television stations and NPR  member radio stations serving the U.S. state of Georgia. We toured the building with the production manager. The building is pretty big and we were able to tour studio C, the biggest studio they have where they set up seven high tech cameras! we were told that they are extremely expensive running around $100,ooo and higher. Studio C was set up for a Michelle Nun debate, and what  we were told about that studio I found interesting because the lighting rack is mobile so it can be moved all the way to the floor and they lighting technician can place the lights needed without needing to manually do it with a latter. I thought this was a nice and convenient way of doing things and much safer. The crew does a lot of white balancing as well which was something that I at least recognized since I also have to do it as well for my 3900 production class.

I really liked when we toured the control room I like to call it the control center because the head person is running the show, they give the command and everybody has to be listening in order to know when to cut to commercial break as well as knowing what is going to be on screen for the next shot. We learned about giving the command that previews the next image and then if for whatever reason there is something wrong like a misspelled word or wrong image the whole crew/peers can jump up and catch it before it airs. When this is effective it helps with the companies credibility and authority so they try to make as little mistakes as possible if any. I learned what a sound box is, and it’s when there are multiple outlets of media in one of the studios and they want to use the audio but want to shoot their own video they can do so with this box.This allows to have many others do the same because of the many outputs that the box allows.

This class field trip was fun because we also got to see the sound booth and green screen studio. We were told about some of the shows the studio rents its space out to like paternity court room which I thought was hilarious! But they bring in a lot of jobs and money which is great I think. I would love to internship for them at some point in my college career and if you’re interested there’s the link!       go all the way to the bottom under support click the volunteer tab and it should allow you to sign up!