In this chapter Briggs points out the technological advances that mobile phones have made and how much they have impacted the way journalists gather and share information.  Only a few years ago it would have taken a five man crew to cover a story and now all you really need is yourself and your smart phone.  I especially like this chapter because it  answers questions of how journalists do this type of ‘mobile journalism.’

I also agree with the idea that since everything  is readily available when we want it the so must journalism evolve in a similar manner.  Audiences are able to obtain hard news, entertainment, music, and so much more on the go, not to mention the ability to chime in their views and opinions on their mobile devices.  Of course with social media that means that journalists must also go mobile of they want to appeal to these new age audience that wants and needs news now.

So something interesting about this chapter is the way that it lists what type of equipment a ‘gearhead’ journalist needs/wants to have. I think that this type of journalist needs to be a tech savvy person, interested in the latest laptops, video cameras, tripod, microphone and other important equipment.  What i like about this list is that it also gives you the option of doing the job just as well with your smart phone, seeing as they too now come with the latest in camera resolution and many apps allow for a variety of photoshop options.

This way of way of communication allows for audiences to receive news now.  A good point this chapter makes is that there are many ways to tell a story and that just like digital journalist shouldn’t limit their format to just one type neither shout mobile journalists.  All in all I enjoyed this article because it allows us up and coming journalist the freedom to leave the regular desk job most have been tied to.  Im attaching an interview where BBC reporter Nick Garnett shares his top five examples of how he has used his iPhone in place of a video camera.  The examples demonstrate the advantages that mobile journalism have:  Flexibility, affordability, and speedy turnaround.