Why were journalists to quick to embrace a service such as Twitter, that limits the writer to 140 characters?  Microblogging has changed the way journalists share their stories with other writer and their audiences.  This new technology has in a way made reading stories more intriguing because a short sentence can hook me into clicking on the whole story.  This new way  of publishing is so powerful because it allows for closer connection with readers.

Briggs talks about why microblogging is so popular and why it’s important.  It’s popular because it invites users to quick updates on what their current status is.  For example users can post what they are doing what they are feeling or simply what they will be doing.  This allow for constant connection between friends and colleagues.  It’s as if you no longer need to call or see that person because you already know what they are constantly doing.  Briggs second point is that the reason why microblogging is so important is because it’s simple and flexible.  Take Twitter for example, its open application programming interface allows for new tools to and technology to be built on top of Twitter.  So in short microbloggers like Twitter provide functionality.

Social media platforms are effective mediums for breaking bad news.  Many of accounts of news stories have been breaking first on Twitter.  The book uses the example of an emergency landing that a Southwest plane  had to make after a six-foot hole opened in the roof of the plane.  But I recall reading first accounts of the Boston marathon bombing.  My Twitter feed was blowing up and I remember seeing picture that were tweeted just moments after the tragic event.  The way that microblogging has changed the news world, has to do with it’s constant and fast ability that the audience has to be constantly publishing their every single move.

Briggs goes on to suggest a few tips to on how to participate in this new community that is Twitter, obviously you have to catch up fast on the language.  Then find people to follow you build your network.  Finally i think it’s important to realize what you’re reading and posting the whole idea is to not spend your time re-reporting stories already reported but rather meet people in the same community who have their unique story to share.

I’m including the 9 breaking news tweets that changed the way news is reported on.