Christ Holcomb Was the featured speaker today at the Georgia State University Modern Media Conference.  I liked his approach because it was very natural; it was a conversation that made me as an aspiring journalist optimistic.  He talked about his interest in broadcast journalism, that started at a particularly young age.  He recalls being in a grocery store with his mother.  Christ was wearing a football jersey his mother made for him and he recalls vividly Guy Sharp, a legendary weather man, tap him on the shoulder and call him by his first name.  It was that moment that changed Christ Holcomb’s life because many years later Christ Holcomb graduated from the University of Georgia where he majored in broadcast news but also took a couple of weather classes there too.  Christ had three internships while at college he was also involved in extracurricular activities.  After graduation Christ spent many months unemployed but he didn’t give up, he kept sending out his resumé and his packages.  I think at least for the most part on that level I relate.  I always hear that it’s so hard to find a job after graduation in your field but I agree with Christ, you should not give up you should push on and make it happen.  He eventually was hired at a radio station in Macon Georgia doing the afternoon news and traffic updates. After nine months working for that station  he was offered a job as a weekend weather man and a week day reporter.  He accepted and Christ finally got his chance to be in front of the camera.  I think that again I can relate because at the end of the day we all want to catch our big break.  He found out that weather was his calling and he enjoyed doing that more than actual on the street reporting.  So for Christ Holcomb you could say that many things had to in a sense go bad before they got drastically better.  After many rejection letters Christ was never discouraged.  He knew that he would one day land his dream job of being chief meteorologist in his hometown of Atlanta.  Well it wasn’t until after Christ Holcomb was newly married that he got the call he had been waiting all his life, he was asked to come to Atlanta to interview for Atlanta’s 11 Alive news and was soon after overjoyed with the news of landing the job.  It took several years after that for Christ to become chief meteorologist but since then Christ Holcomb has been at 11Alive for 23 years.  His story wasn’t without struggle and sacrifice but what I think it’s about is patience.  Patience allow him to never give up and to continue to be optimistic even when he felt like giving up.  I really enjoyed his speech and I came away with a new sense of respect for journalists everywhere.