Ok so Norberto Briceño a writer for wrote this blog that lists 26 Things that All Mexican Kids Hate Hearing From Their Mom but they couldn’t be more off.  As a Mexican-American woman I immediately took offense to this because I am so tired of the same dumb bad jokes . His lists starts off with this:

1. ” Sleep Over? Why do you ned to sleep over there when you have a house.?”  I never once recall my mother saying anything remotely close I mean what kind of parent wouldn’t let their child have a childhood?? It gets worse from here.

2.  “You don’t like beans? What do you think this is a restaurant?”  Yup he went there, Beans are not the primary source of food that Mexicans eat. Do we enjoy them? yes but to assume that it’s the only food we consume is ignorant and a poorly constructed joke.

3. “This is not a Hotel! You don’t come home at whatever time you want!”Ok now this one seems like it would be said by any parent not just Mexican parents.

4. “You’re not going anywhere until you finish eating your nopales!” What??? This is the one that makes me the most mad, not that nopales are bad, they’re actually pretty good found a recipe on  but NO! No parent ever says this.

5. “You just wait till we get home!” hahaha this is the only accurate one! But in the defense of all Mexicans, I’m pretty sure all parents from all races have said this to their child at some point of their young life.

The list goes on to number 26 and it doesn’t get any more accurate or any funny. I get it, this is suppose to be ironic and ultimately suppose to be funny but I’m so tired of the same jokes. They’re the same jokes and not at al true, maybe that’s why I don’t find it amusing because I don’ think there is any truth to it. I wouldn’t recommend this blog unless you want to get mad.  Yes his blog is simply subjective but haven’t we made huge leaps into the future as a society and as a Mexican people to still be making these old and racist jokes? Or at least don’t we want to? I would say that this blog is successful in the sense that it stirred up mixed emotions in the reader.  I know I was livid.